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Destroyed railroad tracks

A Lucky Switch

Roy Wilson was a brakeman working on the train on April 1. The coach was transporting students, farmers, and goods from Puna to Hilo. Not his normal route, Roy had argued with his dispatcher about the switch. Continue…

Grace Correa Carter and Jimmy Correa

The Correa Family's Experience in the 1960 Tsunami

On May 22, 1960, an earthquake with 9.5 magnitude, the largest on record, shook Conception, Chile. A Pacific-wide tsunami was generated. There was extensive damage to areas in Chile, Hawaii, and Japan as the waves raced across the Pacific and wreaked havoc. The tsunami slammed into Hilo on May 23. Continue…

Train wrecked

What happened to the train crew?

It was a beautiful morning in Hilo town on April 1, 1946, the day that a tsunami took 159 lives throughout the State of Hawai'i. A total of 96 people died in Hilo. This is a story about what happened to the train on that fateful day. Continue…




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