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Community Awareness Initiatives : Story Festivals

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Beginning in 2003, the Pacific Tsunami Museum (PTM) has sponsored annual tsunami story festivals. The premise of these festivals is that each of us has a history, an account of things said and done in the past, and preserving these stories and accounts helps us understand where we live and to make thoughtful decisions for the future. The stories, accompanied by images, are presented in a program to the public with a dinner followed by the presentation. It is an opportunity for the community to re-live and remember idyllic times past, and to remember and honor those lost in tragic tsunami events.

Most of us go through life holding onto the belief that there is good in everything that happens, and that even tragedies and misfortunes have positive outcomes. That is certainly the story of Hilo and the stories presented at the story festivals. Through the years, various themes have been chosen and individuals highlighted. The story festivals tell the human side of tsunami events - how lives are changed.

Click here (PDF) to see a summary of the story festivals through the years.

Last Revised September 2013