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Community Awareness Initiatives: Exhibit Openings

The Pacific Tsunami Museum (PTM) has hosted exhibit opening functions to inform the public of new displays. PTM continually strives to be on the forefront of technology with its interactive video kiosks, exhibits, and displays. From concept to reality, this Museum has been built and continues to be built with heart. With an abundance of outreach programs, popular annual community events, and a dedicated group of staff, docents, and community members working hard to uphold the mission, the Museum's future looks bright. Please support PTM with a visit or contribution, so that we can continue our mission of educating the public.


"Laupahoehoe Stories of Fate" and "Amazing Rescues"

A group of artists painted a wall mural depicting Laupahoehoe Peninsula prior to 1946. The artistic creation was designed and painted by Elfie Wilkins and two of her students, Lena Higa and Ruth Iwata. Everyone who sees it marvels at its beauty and feeling of harmony. The exhibit features survivor stories and how decisions made on that fateful day of April 1, 1946 made all the difference in the outcome.

Laupahoehoe Peninsula

The Laupahoehoe Peninsula prior to the tsunami of 1946.


"The Energy of Moving Water"

In 2009, "The Energy of Moving Water" wave machine exhibit was opened. It focuses on the force of moving water and how tsunamis have affected communities. A video presentation is followed by an opportunity to see moving water in action.

"The Energy of Moving Water" wave machine exhibit was the result of PTM's participation in the "Meeting Science Standards Through Inquiry" educational project. The project engages teachers in research/inquiry-based teaching, and it partners schools with community resources. It includes community-based assessment tools to gauge student learning. Designed with the Department of Education, project goals were to increase student science proficiency and address educational benchmarks and standards. The design team identified educational benchmarks throughout PTM.

A service learning fair featuring standards-based student presentations and on-site assessment cuminated the project. The learning fair took place at the Prince Kuhio Mall, where PTM had a booth.

The Wave Machine

From left to right: George Curtis (PTM Scientific Advisor and wave machine designer/consultant), Donna Kohara (DOE Resource Teacher), Donna Saiki (Museum Director in 2009), Chester Lowe (wave machine technician and designer), Dr. Marlene Hapai (Grant Director), Kyle Brown (video programmer), Barbara Muffler (PTM Archivist/Curator).

Prince Kuhio Fair

Dr. Marlene Hapai, PhD, Grant Director, at the PTM booth at Prince Kuhio Mall in 2009.


"The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004"

After years of research and gathering infomation, including on-site visits to Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia by PTM's Science Advisor, Dr. Walter Dudley, the Museum opened this exhibit. A highlight of the event was a presentation given by Dwayne Meadows, a former O'ahu resident who recounted his experience being swept out to sea four times and surviving the tsunami in Khao Lak, Thailand. Come to the Museum to read his entire story, and view the shirt that he actually wore throughout the ordeal!

2004 Exhibit Opening

Opening for "The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004" exhibit. From left to right: Barbara Muffler (Museum Archivist/Curator), Dr. Walter Dudley (Chairman, Scientific Advisory Council), Genevieve Robison (Tsunami Outreach Coordinator and exhibit leader).

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