Local Community Outreach

Na Maka no ka ha'i

This piece is a sculpture by Fred Soriano entitled "Na Maka no ka ha'i", the name of the Sea Goddess who is the older sister of Pele and the wife of Aukele, a great sorcerer and Sea God.

Tourism Promotion: Art Pieces

The Pacific Tsunami Museum (PTM) has been working with the Downtown Improvement Association to beautify downtown Hilo. Art pieces were designed and put in place in the vicinity of the Museum. These pieces include sculptures by Fred Soriano and William McKnight, a painting by Elfie Wilkins-Nacht, and a drawing by Stanley Rillon. These art pieces provide an aesthetic and cultural element to the area adjacent to PTM.

Come visit PTM and look at the art pieces before coming inside! Read and/or print out the description (PDF) given here to better interpret the art.

Last Revised September 2013