Global Community Outreach

Thai visitors

Pictured from left: Donna Saiki (former Director, PTM), Absornsuda Siripong (Marine Science Department, Chulplongkorn University), Manisa Piyasing (Executive Coordinator, Distance Learning Foundation), Barbara Muffler (Archivist/Curator, PTM), Nampet Panichpant-Michelsen (U.S. Partnership Specialist).

A Model for Thailand

His Royal Highness the King of Thailand, on the occasion of his 80th birthday, funded a Tsunami Shelter and Natural Disasters Learning Center. The Pacific Tsunami Museum (PTM) hosted several visits with their personnel as they formulate their vision into a reality.

In 2009 the following contingent visited PTM: Manisa Piyasing, Executive Coordinator of the Distance Learning Foundation of the Thailand Natural Disaster Learning Center; Absornsuda Siripong of the Marine Science Department of Chulplongkorn University; and Nampet Panichpant-Michelsen, U.S. Partnership Specialist who is a friend of the King. PTM provided guidelines on how to begin to collect data, formulate exhibits and compile/manage the archive.

Last Revised September 2013