Tsunami Images

1946: Laupahoehoe, Hawai'i


1995.004.0005 PTM Bruce Collection

Laupahoehoe Peninsula (north of Hilo) after the tsunami.


1995.004.0007 PTM Bruce Collection

Destroyed teacher cottages at Laupahoehoe.

1946: Hilo, Hawai'i

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Hilo Iron Works

1996.005.0005 PTM Nakagawa Collection

Damaged Hilo Iron Works building.

Bayfront Destruction

1996.005.0014 PTM Nakagawa Collection

Destroyed railroad tracks on Hilo's bayfront. The railroad was replaced by the bayfront highway.

Damaged Pier 2

1996.005.0017 PTM Nakagawa Collection

Severely damaged Pier 2 on the Hilo waterfront.

damaged pier warehouse

1996.006.0007 PTM Immel Collection

Tsunami washing over and destroying the Hilo Harbor pier.

Boat against tank

2000.004.0006 PTM Hatada Collection

An army crash boat that was at the wharf washed up about 400 feet, went over the railroad tracks, and ended up against these molasses tanks.

Bayfront damage

2000.004.0011 PTM Hatada Collection

Downtown Hilo after the 1946 tsunami, illustrating damage to the makai (ocean) side of Kamehameha Avenue.

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