Tsunami Images

1946: Hilo, Hawai'i

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Bayfront wreckage

2006.065.0012 PTM Koya Collection

Photo taken from the second story of Hilo Dry Goods towards Mo'oheau Park.

Damage on Kamehameha Ave.

1997.002.0012 PTM Smith Collection

Damage on Kamehameha Avenue and Nawahi Lane in downtown Hilo.

Kress Building

1997.002.0013 PTM Smith Collection

Damage by the Kress Building in downtown Hilo.

damage by HELCO

1998.009.0002 PTM Maeda Collection

Destruction next to the HELCO plant in Hilo .

Boulders on street

1998.007.00577 PTM Mortemore Collection

Boulders and debris scattered along Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo.

Hilo Dry Goods

1998.007.0060 PTM Mortemore Collection

Cleanup efforts at Hilo Dry Goods after the tsunami.

Pick and Pay

1999.026.0001 PTM Ogata Collection

Cleanup in front of Pick and Pay across from American Factors in Hilo.

Men running in downtown Hilo

2006.065.0004 PTM Arakaki Collection,
Cecilio Licos Photographer

Men running at the corner of Ponahawai and Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo from the 30-foot third wave.

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