Tsunami Images

1946: Hilo, Hawai'i

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Engine 121

2000.004.0007 PTM Hatada Collection

Engine 121 would run no more. The railway would not be rebuilt.

Caboose in bakery

2000.004.0008 PTM Hatada Collection

The caboose ended up in the Hatada Bakery in Hilo.

Boat in Waiakea

2006.021.0004 PTM Fujii Collection

A fishing boat was beached in the Waiakea area of Hilo.

Flooded house

2006.024.0005 PTM Higa Collection

Flooded house in Wailoa River area of Hilo.

Mamo Street

2006.065.0010 PTM Koya Collection

Debris and wreckage strewn on Mamo Street in downtown Hilo.

Ruddle Service Station

2006.065.0029 PTM Koya Collection

Damage to Ruddle Service Station on Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo.

Fish Market on Kamehameha Ave.

2006.065.0037 PTM Koya Collection

Interior of Fish Market on Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo.

Men rowing boat

2006.065.0038 PTM Koya Collection

Men rowing in the flooded streets at the back of Hata and Hawai'i Importing Co. in Hilo.

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