Tsunami Images

1946: Hilo, Hawai'i

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Kalakaua St.

2006.082.0007 PTM Aono Collection

Looking toward the ocean on Kalakaua Street in downtown Hilo. Bishop Bank (Museum today) on left.

Hilo people cleaning up

2006.082.0013 PTM Aono Collection

Rather than dwell on their losses, Hilo people began the job of cleaning up and rebuilding.

Kamehameha Ave.

2007.017.0017 PTM Tamaru Collection

Ocean side buildings in downtown Hilo were pushed across the street. Bishop Bank (Museum today) by palm tree.

Pu'umaile Keaukaha

1999.002.0003 PTM Ancheta Collection

Waves crashing over coconut trees near Pu'umaile, in the Keaukaha area of Hilo.


1998.004.0001 PTM Johnston Collection

Wall of water coming in at Keaukaha.


Keaukaha PTM Kerschner Collection

Keaukaha area including pier after tsunami.

Lumber and rail cars

American Factors Lumberyard PTM
Kerschner Collection

Rail cars and lumber from American Factors lumberyard in Hilo.


Shinmachi PTM Kerschner Collection

Hilo Iron Works and Coca Cola Plant, including devastation along Wailoa River in the Shinmachi area of Hilo.

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