Tsunami Images

1960: Hilo, Hawai'i

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smashed car

1994.001.0003 PTM DeRoo Collection

Damage to a building including a smashed car after the 1960 tsunami.


1994.001.0032 PTM De Roo Collection

HELCO generating plant in Waiakea part of Hilo.

Hilo Camera Co.

1994.001.0071 PTM De Roo Collection

Cleanup after tsunami at Hilo Camera Co. in Hilo.


1995.005.0001 PTM Tada Collection

Shinmachi wreckage after 1960 tsunami.

Collecting possessions

1995.005.0007 PTM Tada Collection

A person searching for possessions in front of Hilo Quality Cleaners.


1996.004.0004 PTM Polhemus Collection

Destruction of homes and cars in the Waiakea area of Hilo.

Hilo Bay Service

1996.004.0007 PTM Polhemus Collection

Destruction of Hilo Bay Service, LTD. Piano in debris.

Waiakea aerial

1996.010.0005B PTM
Hawaii Tribune Herald Collection

Aerial showing remains of Waiakea Town area of Hilo.

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