April Fools Day April Fool's…
The Laupahoehoe Tragedy of 1946. An Oral History
by Lapauhoehoe School Obun Hawai'i, Inc., 1997. 66 pages. Interviews with tsunami survivors.

Hawai'i Tsunamis Hawai'i Tsunamis
by Barbara Muffler and the Pacific Tsunami Museum. Arcadia Publishing Images of America Series, 2016. 128 pages. Many compelling images and condensed survivor stories portray how Hilo has been shaped by the tsunamis that have struck its shores.

Surviving a Tsunami Surviving a Tsunami
Lessons from Chile, Hawai'i and Japan.

by U.S. Dept of the Interior. 2001. 18 pages. Pamphlet with science, pictures, and oral histories.

Tsunami! Tsunami!
by Dr. Walter Dudley and Min Lee.
University of Hawai'i Press, 1998. 2nd edition. 362 pages. A complete examination of tsunamis, including many survivor stories and illustrations.
Tsunami Alert Tsunami Alert
by Niki Walker.
Crabtree Publishing Company, 2006. 32 pages. Easy to read picture book about tsunamis.

Tsunamis in Hawaii Tsunamis in Hawaii
by Dr. Walter Dudley.
Pacific Tsunami Museum, 1999. 50 pages. Brief examination of tsunamis in Hawai'i.
Tsunami Quilt The Tsunami Quilt
by Anthony D. Fredericks.
Sleeping Bear Press, 2007. 38 pages. Story of the Laupahoehoe tsunami quilt.

Yashijima Story The Yashijima Story:
The History of Waiākea Town and A History of the Waiākea Pirates Athletic Club 1924-2004.
by Richard Nakamura and Gloria Kobayashi.
Waiākea Pirates Athletic Club, 2008. 4th edition.
88 pages.


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