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USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

What is a tsunami and what causes them?

Is there a Hawaiian word for tsunami?

Where can I find Hawai'i tsunami evacuation zone maps?

What do all these big words mean?

Help me find other tsunami resource centers.

Is there a curriculum available for teachers and students?

I'd like to know about the warning centers.

Where can I see a photo of a tsunami?

Is this photograph real?

How will I know if a tsunami will hit where I live?

Can I see runup maps of Hawaii's tsunami history?

Can I see data from the sea level buoys?

Where can I read tsunami stories?

Where can I watch video of tsunami survivors?

I'm interested in learning more about preparedness and disaster centers.

Where can I read about tsunami research?

I'd like to see some animations.

Are there any other webcams on the Big Island?

I'm interested in related science topics.

I'm interested in other points of interest in Hawai'i.

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