Organizational Structure

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Board of Directors

Walter Dudley, PhD
Current President

Jim Wilson
Past President

Dennis Lin

Chris Harrison

Jerel Yamamoto

Kehaulani Costa

Patrick Kahawaiolaa

Patricia Okamura

Roxane Keliikipikaneokolohaka

Tom Forbes


Honorary Board Members

Ian Birnie

Brian Kitagawa

Willibroad Tallett


Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr. Nathan C. Becker
NOAA/NWS/Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Dr. Mark Boslough
XCP-8 Verification and Analysis – Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Professor – University of New Mexico
Fellow – Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
Chair – Asteroid Day Expert Panel

Dr. Walter Dudley
Emeritus Professor of Marine Geology and Oceanography
University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hilo, Hawaii

Dr. Scott Fisher
Director of ‘Āina Stewardship for Hawai’i Land Trust
(Currently studying paleotsunami impacts on Hawaii)

Dr. Gerard J. Fryer
Research Affiliate
Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology
University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Dr. James Goff
Editor-in-Chief, Natural Hazards
Honorary Professor – Earth and Sustainability Science Research Centre (ESSRC)
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
UNSW Australia, Sydney 2052, Australia
Visiting Professor – School of Ocean and Earth Science
Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
Adjunct Professor – Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development
University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji

Dr. Darren King
Regional Manager – National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA)
217 Akersten Street, Port Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand


Museum Docents

Owen Blunt
Tom Forbes
Dian Mahoney
Andrea Minor
Jack Musick
Mike Weiss

Museum Staff

Cindi Preller

Joshua Bell
Associate Director

Bibiana Ivie 
Visitor Services Manager

Ethan Collyer
Archives Associate

Nathan Myers
Events Associate

Susan Hicks
Visitor Services Associate

Lehua Waianuhea
Visitor Services Associate

Reece Villaverde
Visitor Services Associate

Lennie Espinoza
Visitor Services Associate

Carly Gage
Visitor Services Associate / Intern

Last Revised August 2023