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HELCO generating plant in Waiakea part of Hilo.

Cleanup after tsunami at Hilo Camera Co. in Hilo.
Shinmachi wreckage after 1960 tsunami.
A person searching for possessions in front of Hilo Quality Cleaners.
Destruction of homes and cars in the Waiakea area of Hilo.
Destruction of Hilo Bay Service, LTD. Piano in debris.
Aerial showing remains of Waiakea Town area of Hilo.
Boulder from breakwater on Kamehameha Ave
Skipper’s Cove in Waiakea area of Hilo
Men conducting search, standing on debris next to destroyed building.
Men walking over debris as high as a roof line.
Small tower of crushed cars on top of each other.
Men investigating mountain of debris.
Clock stopped at 1:04 am after third wave struck.
Waiakea Kai School surrounded by debris.
Mura’s Repair Shop, with debris piled as high as the roof.
Water rushing under Wailoa Bridge in Hilo.
Waiakea Clock stuck at 1:04 am, lying in the rubble.
Men searching in debris.
People wading in water after tsunami.
Aerial of Hilo Bayfront.
Debris piled high.
Aerial view of destruction following the 1960 tsunami.
Police on Mamo Street following the tsunami.
Cars and other debris piled high.
Destruction in Hilo.
Debris on Mamo Street.
Piopio St. with ruined houses and cars.