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Article “Tsunami and Science.

How the application of science saves lives when tsunamis occur by George Curtis The tsunami warning system was developed in 1947-48 by scientists of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey and others. Since most tsunamis result from earthquakes near or under the ocean, the scientists combined seismographs, oceanography, tide gauges, observers, and communications into a...

January 31, 2019January 31, 2019

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors Wilson, Jim (President) Harrison, Chris (Vice President) Yamamoto, Jerel (Secretary) Taniguchi, Barry (Treasurer) Costa, Kehaulani Kahawaiolaa, Patrick Mattos, Manuel Nagata, Stephanie Okamura, Patricia Honorary Board Members Birnie, Ian Kitagawa, Brian Tallett, Willibroad Tsuji, Clifton Scientific Advisory Committee Dudley, Walter, PhD, Chairman Curtis, George Kong, Laura, PhD McCreery, Charles, PhD Walker, Dan, PhD...

December 4, 2018December 4, 2018


Mission We believe that through education and awareness no one should ever again die in Hawai‘i due to a tsunami. The goals of the Pacific Tsunami Museum (PTM) are to promote public tsunami education for the people of Hawai’i and visitors worldwide, preserve the social and cultural history of Hawai’i, and serve as a living...

December 4, 2018December 4, 2018