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In addition to acting as a storage and preservation facility for tsunami-related materials, The Pacific Tsunami Museum (PTM) archive offers reproduction services for both personal and commercial use. There are fees associated with this service. Except for items that are restricted by donation or copyright, many of our resources may be reproduced. We archive still images, survivor videos and transcripts, original 1946 video footage, and scientific papers. As much as possible, archives have been converted to digital format.

There is a selection of images available for viewing on this website under “Tsunami Images”. You may choose to order one of these if it is suitable. However, if you are interested in a specific topic, you need to discuss what you are looking for with the Archivist, so that the database can be researched and recommendations made. A selection of low-resolution thumbnail images can be emailed for your perusal. Call (808) 935-0926 or email the archivist to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment. 

Fees and Payments: Individual Use

Each image ordered has a research fee. The fee helps pay for the preservation and maintenance of our collections, as well as archivist time to process your request. The research fee includes time to find, ensure copyright clearance, send a thumbnail preview, provide captions and credits, and appropriately size the image resolution. All images are copyright to the Pacific Tsunami Museum (PTM) and may not be used for subsequent projects or given to others.

Once final selections are requested, an invoice will be generated with a total amount due. The total amount due may be paid by VISA, Mastercard, or check. PTM does not accept bank transfers. 

Digital Images $55.00
Video Interview Transcript

Time Frame 

The archivist has many duties, and requests are handled on a time-available basis. Standard processing time is two weeks. Rush orders are subject to approval; if approved, allow one to three days for processing. There is an additional charge of 40% of the total amount for rush orders. Shipping and handling charges are not included in reproduction costs.

Commercial Use

For Commercial Broadcast and Publication see Orders for Commercial Use.